Get to know me better

My History

I’m a graphic and production designer with WordPress experience. I’ve worked on a variety of materials from marketing materials, textbooks and non-fiction, and webpages. I’ve used a variety of CMS and DAMs and am well versed in Adobe Creative Cloud.

My Vision

I believe in clean design where the images and fonts and overall look of the piece align to the client’s specifications. I believe in creating files where all styles and layers are clear and understandable. I believe in producing deliverables well within their timetable.

My Future

I will be a valuable asset for you as I’m a people person who is organized, works well both individually and independently. I adapt well to new programs and situations.

Why Choose Me?

Here are a few reasons why


Friendly Service

Need projects done well and with a friendly face? Look no further! With constant updates and a listening ear to feedback the job will get done on time and well.



With over 10 years experience in marketing and publishing I bring what I’ve learned to what I can do for you. I’ve worked with printers and freelancers and managed talent on-site and offshore.



I take your vision and translate it graphically. My background in fine art means I understand color and spatial relationships as they relate to design. I keep up on current design.